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a fun puzzle game with cool pixel art and jazzy muzak to complete the vibe - I really enjoyed it!

I won!!! Really fun game!


that was a lot of fun! i was sad it was over. lol


This game was fun. I had a little trouble with the cat one for some reason O_O

Ahhh this was fun!

this was sooooo fun!!

This was so fun! Thank you for making and sharing this!


"Goojle" lol.  This was a fun game!  Got through it all :D

short and fun, could play more^^


does anyone have any good recommendations for games like this? 


my favorite game on this platform


Top quality little game. Puzzles are great, not too easy, not too hard, really get you to think intelligently about what the passwords are. Great music as well!

!!!!!!!! very cool and fun game, enjoyed playing!! cant wait to play again in a few months when ive forgotten it enough to enjoy it again!!


the only protagonist I can relate (I knew the moment I accidentally drank the paint)



fun game, i love the little things in the rooms and searching for clues

There are many instances where i have figured out the pass, but since i did not need to use the hint, the game is stuck...


Once you solve michelle's password, you can't talk to her anymore, so the hint of talking to her doesn't help, lol.

Cute game!

Good game although i got stuck searching for the golden ratio lol


I loved it!! tysm

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the game was really good and it was pretty easy (but i don't mind it! I actually like games that aren't hard) It was really fun to play

romero,, dude what is ur password 

fdhkjfkjhfkjhf please I've tried almost every variation I could think of

his birthday

I struggled with the formatting too and I felt stupid when I finally understood-

Don't use the /

very nice

Is it just the boss cause I can't find nothing else


This was really good!


This is a really fun game the puzzles werent too hard and it was really engaging the only thing i would comment on is the hint blinking it does get very distracting at time when youre trying to think. However overall this was a great game.

they are a bit too hard



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That was fun!

super cute little puzzle!

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such a cute little game!

this was so fun!

so cute. simple yet fun. great characters with unique personalitys. (I love  Michele with a passion, we could be the same person.)


I cant figure out her password ;-;

ask her about the spirals. It's the first 5 numbers.

Fun game, but that little bit of static sound in the BGM drove me nuts.  Other than that, it was a great, if short, little game!  Loved the little details, too!

fun game!

im done faster than i expected but still, good game

Awesome game, very fun. Would love to see a longer version! Point and click puzzles rule.

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