It’s a fresh new year and you have a fresh new job! You thought being an IT guy would be easy, but your boss gives you a huge challenge right on the first day. Turns out that, after the new year, everyone in the office seems to have forgotten their computer’s password! Now you have to play the detective and figure out how to unlock the computers in the office.

Click the "?" for a hint, you get a new hint every minute.

This game was made for "My First Game Jam: Winter 2021" which had the theme "Locked"


Art by @ZeroStas

Programming by @jbodah

Writing and game design by @GabeMalk

Almost all of the art and sounds are original, however several of the sounds and music were modified from free sources. Credits are listed on Github:

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(191 total ratings)
Authorsjbodah, GabeMalk, ZeroStas
Made withGodot
TagsComedy, Detective, Game Jam, My First Game Jam, Mystery, office, password, Pixel Art, Point & Click, Typing
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSource code

Development log


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fun even without w e e d

Really awesome puzzle game!! 

hilarious game, love it

pretty fun game, I really liked it

This was a lot of fun!!! Great job!!!

The Romero's one is a good one lol. I enjoyed the gameee

i cant get past the first pass, ik what it is but its not acknowledging that I've unlocked it


did you type it in the computer?

yeah, i got it now lol, think it was just glitchy

yeah, you just gotta press enter when you get it


i cant figure out romeo and juliets pass..

i dont know if im late, but try checking the stuff on the walls :')

ur not late dw I play this in school lol

Romeos is: 01/28
Julias is: Macbeth7

this was sooo good omg
i loved the bit where u could search up stuff on romeros computer


this was fun. i love the dialogue


fun puzzle

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I think this is a hidden easter egg.

When you get to Vincent and Michelle,talk to Vincent and type in the password.After you're done,don't talk to Michelle and type in her password.Once you've typed in her password,talk to her.And if you're done.Go to Vincent's computer and you will see Google but with a different name.And if you click Google Search,you'll see all kinds of results,dominos pizza,cats,romeo's love story.

It's really weird,try it out yourself.


Yep! There are lots of little easter eggs. A lot of them are encoded in the game's public source files, e.g. and

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How many of them are there exactly?

good game

How do you type in the password?



b r u h

Very enjoyable puzzle game. Can't wait to see more from this creator! :)

I had a weird bug. Unlocked Vincent's pc, then Michelle's. But it did not end the game. Had to unlock Vincent's pc again

ugh you should totally make a full length game! This is so  unique and fun!

i cannot stop replaying this tbh. please make more! so good!

When you check the papers on Romero's desk it says "Apparently Romero waa trying to write poetry... But he really sucks at it!" by waa did you mean was?

nice game!

I have no clue what to do at the start. It won't let me play it.

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Have you tried reloading?


I reloaded and it works now!

(1 edit) (+1)

Your welcome!

I loved this game! all tho the last one was pretty hard for me it was still fun!


Wont really load and just gets stuck on a black screen

Nice idea! It was easy but enjoyable!

Help on Vincent's password?

pink 9


Great game, but I wish there were more!

pls someone help me with michele password I know its a 5 digit 


It’s Phi (aka the Golden Ratio) which is 16180. Hope that helped :)

Thank you so much!!!


me want moreeee

Can someone help me with Romeos password 



its romeos bday

its 01/28

Cute game! Very charming

hi, this game is really good. I love the animation style and colors. And the form of the puzzles is really good :)

Cool game!


I cant get past the first one... I put in the right password and it said "Welcome" but when i tried to talk to the boss i could say anything but questions for the password.

how many was are there to write 1/17 ._.

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1/17 is not a password. Remember, his ego is very big.

great game. You should make a second one like it

That was a pretty fun play. I had trouble on the last level because my mind immediately went to the Fibonacci sequence when I saw all the spirals.

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Really good game actually!


am I the only one that the game isn't loading for?


I'm having the same problem :(


same :(

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A cute little game, I like it! Some of the passwords are extremely easy, while some of them can be quite difficult, though. I love the music, as well. Excited to see more levels!


i liked how you have to talk woth people to make them remember their pass. the puzzles were intuitive and the humour was on point. i'd really like to see a second part of this, because this was golden.

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