It’s a fresh new year and you have a fresh new job! You thought being an IT guy would be easy, but your boss gives you a huge challenge right on the first day. Turns out that, after the new year, everyone in the office seems to have forgotten their computer’s password! Now you have to play the detective and figure out how to unlock the computers in the office.

Click the "?" for a hint, you get a new hint every minute.

This game was made for "My First Game Jam: Winter 2021" which had the theme "Locked"


Art by @ZeroStas

Programming by @jbodah

Writing and game design by @GabeMalk

Almost all of the art and sounds are original, however several of the sounds and music were modified from free sources. Credits are listed on Github:

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(535 total ratings)
Authorsjbodah, GabeMalk, ZeroStas
Made withGodot
TagsComedy, Detective, Game Jam, My First Game Jam, Mystery, office, password, Pixel Art, Point & Click, Typing
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSource code

Development log


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Is it just the boss cause I can't find nothing else


This was really good!


This is a really fun game the puzzles werent too hard and it was really engaging the only thing i would comment on is the hint blinking it does get very distracting at time when youre trying to think. However overall this was a great game.

they are a bit too hard



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That was fun!

super cute little puzzle!

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such a cute little game!

this was so fun!

so cute. simple yet fun. great characters with unique personalitys. (I love  Michele with a passion, we could be the same person.)

Fun game, but that little bit of static sound in the BGM drove me nuts.  Other than that, it was a great, if short, little game!  Loved the little details, too!

fun game!

im done faster than i expected but still, good game

Awesome game, very fun. Would love to see a longer version! Point and click puzzles rule.


This is a great game. Puts your brain to work. I would love to see more of this!

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so great, please make it longer ! we'll pay for this

so fun

love it! it's very fun, i would love to see a longer version of this!

i love it, it was really fun

I would honestly pay to play a much longer version of this

Very fun little game! Cool idea and great execution, love it!

Nice game! Very fun, nice and short!


That was quite fun! Good jam game!

great and fun game. it would be cool if it was longer

this is such a fun and short game, I loveeee it !!

Very good game, thank you!


Really great game. Congrats and thank you for the fun.


awesome short game


Does anyone have all the passwords...if you do can u leak them here please??



but why??? password is all the game have you know?

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nice game


the steel ball run reference lol


please make more this is wonderful


this was really fun, i just wish there were more levels to play!!

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1- password123



4- (romeo) 01/16 , (Juliet) macbeth7 

5- (vincent ) pink9  , (Michele) 16180 




Isn't romeo's password his own birthday?

Also, its funny, but the birthdays written on Romeo's and Juliet's calendars don't match up; Romeo's calendar is a day off of what Juliet's actual birthday is.


totally stuck on Vincent I dont know how to 'look from another perspective' 😭



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We've all been there and you made a game out of it! Brilliant! :)

I really enjoyed playing this!


Very simple, and fun. Solving each puzzle felt rewarding, and finding out the goings on in the office was very entertaining.

what is michele's password

talk to michele about the spiral things then look at the clues inside her sketchbook (Hint: First 5 digits)

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what is kiras passwor



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